Modesty of Hazrat Musa (as)

When Musa turned his face towards Madyan, which was far away from there. It takes three days to reach there. When he came to the gates of Madyan, he saw a well. A group of people were drawing water for their animals. Musa sat there hungry for three days. He saw two girls waiting with their flocks. Musa asked them, why they did not draw water from the well? They said they could not draw water until the shepherds go away. “Our father is a very old man. So we have come to water our sheep. Musa felt pity on them. He asked the shepherds to let him draw water. Musa said, he would draw a bucket for him and then one for himself. His bucket was so very big and heavy that ten people were needed pull it but Musa alone pulled. Then he drew a bucket for the daughters of Shu‘ayb and watered their sheep. Then returned to sit in the shade and said, “O, Allah! I am starving.”
Imam ‘Ali has stated that surely, Musa was the nearest of Allah. He asked Allah for a bread and not for anything else. On the way he survived on grass. He became very weak and pale. Whatever he ate was visible through his skin. When the girls came home their father, Shu‘ayb asked how they came early. The girls explained. Shu‘ayb asked his daughter to call Musa, so that he may reward him. The two girls came to him happily and said, “Our father has called you that he may reward you for helping us.” Musa stood and walked towards the house of Shu‘ayb. While walking, the garments of the girl were blowing by the wind. Musa asked them to walk behind and guide him and said, “We never see the female at their back.”
So, when Musa came and introduced himself Shu‘ayb said, “Fear not, you are secure from unjust people.” The daughter said, “Father! Employ him. He is much better person than others and strong and faithful as well.” Shu‘ayb said, “We knew his physical power by pulling the bucket out of the well but how do you know about his loyalty?” She said, “He did not allow me to walk before him, so that he cannot see any part of my body from behind.” Shu‘ayb said that he desired to give one of his daughters to him in marriage.