Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Mahziyar

Muhammad bin Ya’qub narrated that Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Mahziyar said, ‘After the death of Abu Muhammad (a.s.) I was in doubt. Much money was accumulated with my father. He carried the money and rode on the ship. I escorted him. He felt severe pain and said to me, ‘Take me back! It is death.’ And then he said to me, ‘Fear Allah in this money!’ He made his will and died. I said to myself, ‘My father would not recommend of anything that is not right. Let me take this money and go to Iraq. I shall rent a house at the bank of the river and I shall not tell anyone about anything. If some thing becomes clear to me as it was clear during the time of Abu Muhammad, I shall spend the money, and otherwise I shall enjoy myself with it.’ After some days, a messenger came to me with a book written in it: “O Muhammad, there is so-and-so with you in so-and-so…’ He mentioned to me all that which was with me even that which I did not know. I gave it to the messenger and remained some days being ashamed. I was very sad, but then a book came from the imam (a.s.) saying, ‘We have appointed you in place of your father, so thank Allah!’ This means that Ibrahim had a respectable position and a high standing.( Usool al-Kafi.)