Muhammad bin Isma’eel bin Bazee

Muhammad had a close relation with Imam ar-Redha (a.s). He regarded him with high respect and reverence. Al-Husayn bin Khalid as-Sayrafi said, ‘Once, we were with Imam ar-Redha (a.s). We were a group of men. Muhammad bin Isma’eel was mentioned and Imam ar-Redha (a.s) said addressing his companions, ‘I wish that one like him were among you.’
He narrated from Imam ar-Redha (a.s) his saying, ‘Allah has at the gate of tyrants (in their courts as officials) some men whom He has guided with evidence and endowed with abilities in the land to protect through them His guardians and reform the affairs of Muslims. To them is the resort of the believers from harms, and to them is the resort of the needy of our Shia, and by them Allah relieves the fright of the believers in the courts of the unjust. These are the real believers. These are the trustees of Allah in His earth. These are lights among their fellows on the Day of Resurrection. Their light shines to the inhabitants of the heavens as stars shine to the inhabitants of the earth. From the lights of these people on the Day of Resurrection the afterlife will bright. By Allah, they are created for Paradise and the Paradise is created for them. Blessed are they with that. Would any of you get all that if he likes?’ He (Muhammad bin Isma’eel) said, ‘May I die for you! How is that?’ He said, ‘By being with them to please us through pleasing the believers of our Shia. O Muhammad, be one of them! (  Mu'jam Rijal al-Hadith, vol. 15 p.107 )