Muhammad bin Uthman al-Umari

A letter came from Imam al-Mehdi (a.s.) to Muhammad bin Uthman al-Umari comforting him on the death of his father Uthman in which he said, ‘May Allah reward and comfort you with the best. You are afflicted and we are afflicted. His departure distressed you and distressed us. May Allah please him in his final abode. It was from his perfect happiness that Allah had given him a son like you to succeed him after his death, replace him, and invoke the mercy of Allah on him. I say: praise be to Allah for souls are pleased with you and with what He has put in you and given you. May He assist, strengthen, and make you successful, and be your Guardian, Keeper, and Sufficer.’
Abdullah bin Ja’far al-Himyari said, ‘Once, I asked Muhammad bin Uthman al-Umari whether he had seen the Man of the Matter (Imam al-Mehdi), peace be on him, and he said, ‘Yes, the last time I had seen him was in the Inviolable House of Allah (the Kaaba) while he was saying: “O Allah, carry out to me what You have promised me!’ Muhammad bin Uthman also said, ‘I saw him clinging to the curtains of the Kaaba in al-Mustajar (resort) while saying: “O Allah, avenge on Your enemies!”’( Man La Yahdhuruhu al-Faqih, vol.2 chap. of “rarities of the hajj”.)