‘Now they will bring poisoned water.’

Delegations of the notable people of Baghdad and other towns came to Imam al-Jawad (a.s) to congratulate him on his marriage. From among those people was Muhammad bin Ali al-Hashimi who said,
‘I went to Abu Ja'far in the next morning of his marriage to the daughter of al-Ma'moon. In the previous night I had some drug and therefore I was thirsty. I did not like to ask for water. Abu Ja'far looked at my face and said, ‘I see you are thirsty.’ I said, ‘Yes, I am.’ He said to one of the servants, ‘O boy, bring us some water.’ I said to myself, ‘Now they will bring poisoned water.’ I felt distressed for that. The servant came with water. Abu Ja'far smiled at me and asked the servant to give him the water. He took the water and drank from it and then gave it to me and I drank. I remained long with him and felt thirsty. He asked for water and did as he did in the first time. I left him saying to myself, ‘I think that Abu Ja'far knows what there is in one’s mind as ar-Rafidha (the Shia) say.’ ( Bihar al-Anwar, vol.12 p.112.)