“O ‘Ali, your status and example is like Zakariyya

According to Imam al-Baqir, ‘Ali asked Fatimah for food. Fatimah said that by Allah, she had nothing to give since three days. Imam asked, why she did not inform him. She said that her father Prophet forbade her to make too many requests.
After that ‘Ali came out of his house and met one of his followers, Miqdad. Imam inquired where he was going in the hot afternoon. He said, “Because of hunger.” Imam ‘Ali said that he had also came out of his house for the same thing. Imam ‘Ali gave him a Dirham, which he had borrowed and returned empty-handed. He saw the Prophet sitting and Fatimah in prayers. He found that there was a tray of food, covered with a cloth. After prayers she brought it before them. When they uncovered it they saw meat dish and hot chapattis. Imam ‘Ali inquired from where it had come? Fatimah replied, “It is from Allah. Surely Allah gives to whom He pleases without measures.” The Holy Prophet said, “Shall I show you your and Fatimah’s example? Imam said, “Yes.” Prophet said, “O ‘Ali, your status and example is like Zakariyya when he saw the seasonal fruits of different seasons near Maryam He inquired about them. When you asked Fatimah for this and she answered you.”
By the grace of Allah the family of Prophet were having food for one month from that tray. Imam al-Baqir said that tray was still with them