Qarun had closed the gates of his palace for Musa. Hearing about it Musa came there pointed toward the gates and all of them opened due to his miracle. He entered the palace. When Qarun saw Musa he understood that he had come to punish him. So he said, “O Musa! I appeal to you for the sake of my right owing to relationship with you, be kind to me. Musa said, “O son of Laadi! Do not talk with me.” Then he commanded the earth to devour Qarun. So the palace and all that was in it went down in the ground and Qarun was also thrust into the earth up to his things. He began to weep and gave Musa a swearing for mercy. Musa again retorted, “O son of Laadi! Do not talk with me.”
He appealed repeatedly but to no avail, until he disappeared beneath the ground. When Musa came to his place of worship Almighty Allah said, “O son of Laadi! Do not talk with me.” Musa understood that Allah was angry with him for not being kind to Qarun. Musa said, “My Lord! Qarun asked of me without mentioning without Your name. Had he sworn by you I would have been kind to him. I would have accepted it.” The Lord again said the same thing in reply which Musa had given to Qarun. Then Musa said, “My Lord! Had I known that Your pleasure was in accepting his wish I would have accepted it.” Allah said, “O Musa! I swear by My Might, Grace and Greatness, had Qarun begged for mercy from Me as he did from you I would have accepted it. But since he had asked for your help and had resorted to you, I left him to you.