Qarun and Hazrat Musa (as)

Qarun came along with The Israelites to Musa and told him, “The people who have gathered at your residence want you to come out and teach them commandments of the shari‘ah (religion) to them.” Musa came out and went up the pulpit, read out sermon and said, “Anyone who commits a theft will get his hand cut and I shall give 80 lashes to the one who commits an indecent deed and if an unmarried man commits adultery I will give him 100 lashes and if he had a wife I will stone him to death.” Qarun spoke up, “Even if it be you?” Musa said, “Yes.” Finally, that woman was called. Musa asked her, “Did I commit adultery with you? Tell the truth swearing by the Lord Who split the river for The Israelites and Who sent down Torah on me.” That woman said, “No, these people are lying. Rather Qarun has lured me with money and wanted me to make a false allegation against you.” Hearing this Qarun bowed down his head and The Israelites were dumbfounded. Musa fell down in prostration before Allah and weeping said, “My Lord! Your enemy is bent upon harming me and wants to dishonor me and give me power over him.” Almighty Allah revealed to Musa, “Lift up your head from prostration and order whatever you wish to the earth. It will obey your command.”
Musa told The Israelites, “Almighty Allah has given me power over Qarun as he had appointed me over the Pharaoh.” Then he ordered them that who is his (Qarun’s companion) may remain with him and who does not like him may get separated from him. All except two persons separated from Qarun. Musa ordered the earth to swallow him. He went down in the ground. Musa said, “Swallow more of him.” He went down up to his thighs. Then Qarun went on giving him the oath of mercy.