Seek refuge from Allah against the evil of the people of Al-Thatt

Sudair al-Sayrafi that:
I was with Abu Abdillah Ja'far ibn Muhammad, peace be upon him, and round him were people from Kufa. Addressing them, he said: "Perform Hajj before you are prevented from it. Perform Hajj before the land around you is locked. Perform Hajj before the mosque at Iraqain is demolished, between the streams and the palm trees.
Perform Hajj before the lotus trees at al-Zawra, whose roots and stem have grown on the sweet honey of the dates from which Maryam (as) plucked fresh ripe dates, are cut off. That will be the time when you will be prevented to go for Hajj; when the fruits will be in want, the soil will be arid, and you will suffer from the rising costs, the injustice of the rulers, and inequity and hatred will be rampant among you, coupled with calamity, epidemic and hunger.
You will be overwhelmed by adversity from all sides. Woe unto you, O people of Iraq! When the army marches over you from Khurasan and woe unto the people of Ray from Turk, and woe unto the people of Iraq from the people of Ray. Woe unto them all, and again so from Al-Thatt."
Sudair asked: "O my master, who are Al-Thatt?" He said: "They are people with ears as small as those of rats, clad in iron; their utterances like that of Satan; they will have small, hollow eyesockets, and will have hairless bodies, with short hair on their heads. Seek refuge from Allah against their evil. Allah will cause Islam to be victorious at their hands, and they will be instrumental to the revival of our cause."