Shaitan answers Hazrat Yahya (as)

According to a tradition of Imam al-Ridha, from the beginning, Iblis was visiting the Prophets from Adam to ‘Isa. He was sitting and discussing with them but he was much attached to Yahya. One day Yahya asked him, “O Abu Marrah! I want to ask you something.” The Satan said, “Say what you like as your respect is very high in my sight. I cannot deny you.”
Yahya said, “Then tell me about all your tricks by which you make the people act against Allah’s commands.” He agreed and promised him that he would come to him the next day. Next day in the morning, Yahya was waiting for him, when suddenly an ugly figure approached him. His face was like a monkey and the body was like a pig. His eyes were as big as his mouth, his chin and beard were missing. He had four hands. Two of them on his breast and two on the shoulders. His toes were backward. He wore a gown and had a turban. Tied to his waist were multi-colored threads it. He had a bell in his hand and the hooks hung from the bell. Yahya asked him about his turban which was tied on his waist. He said it is a cage made by him. It is painted of different colors to attract the male and the coloring threads are the oaths of women which attract males by evil tricks. Prophet asked about the bell. He said, it possessed all kinds of tastes. It has all sorts of sounds like a flute, guitar and drum etc. When a person drinks wine and do not enjoy it I ring the bell. Hearing the sound of bell, they start singing and dancing and clapping.” Prophet asked, “What makes you happy?” He said, “Women.”
Then he said, “When the virtuous people curse me, I go to the women and make them happy.” The Prophet asked, “What is it on your head?” He said, “These are the curses of good people.” The Prophet asked, “And what about the hooks which are hanging on it?” He said, “By these hooks, I attract the mind and heart of the good believers towards me.” Then Yahya asked whether he could succeed over him?” Satan said, “No. Not at all. But I have seen your attitude, when you eat more than my hunger, until I am alive.” The Satan also vowed that he will not give advice any Muslim until the day of judgment and disappeared from there and did not come again to any Prophet.