Some anecdotes of Hazrat Isa (as) -1

It is mentioned in another narration that the world was presented to ‘Isa in the form of a fearful old ugly woman who had no teeth but had decorated herself very much. ‘Isa asked her how many husbands she had. She said she could not count. Thereupon ‘Isa asked her whether all of them had died or was she divorced by them? She replied, ‘No, I killed all of them.’ ‘Isa exclaimed: ‘Woe unto your remaining husbands who do not ignore you even though they see that you are killing them every day!”
It is recorded in another narration that once ‘Isa saw an old man toiling hard with a spade in hand. He was preparing the ground for tilling. ‘Isa prayed to Allah for the removal of longing from the heart of that old man. Allah accepted ‘Isa ’s prayer and that old man put down his spade and went to sleep. Then ‘Isa prayed for re-entry of longing in that man’s heart. Consequently he got up instantly took his tool in hand and began working. ‘Isa then asked him as to why he had put down his tool and then again began to work? He replied “in the meantime it had occurred to my mind that I had become so old that it was not certain when I would die and hence it was not necessary to go on toiling. I went to sleep and took rest. But then again a thought came to my mind that sustenance is required until I die so I got up to restart my work.”
It is mentioned in a reliable tradition that the holy Prophet said that once the Disciples asked ‘Isa, “O Spirit of Allah! Whose company should we keep?” He replied be with those persons whose appearance may make you remember Allah, and by talking with whom your knowledge may increase and whose character may make you think about the Hereafter.
According to an authentic narration Imam as-Sadiq is reported to have said that once ‘Isa passed by a group of people who were weeping. On making inquiry he was informed that they were weeping so that Allah might pardon their sins. ‘Isa said they should not stop weeping until Allah pardoned them
In another reliable tradition the same Imam is reported to have said that the holy Prophet had said, Once upon a time ‘Isa passed by a grave that was being chastised. The next year when he passed by the same grave it was not being punished. ‘Isa prayed to know the reason. Divine revelation enlightened him that the dead man had a son who had just become a youth. He repaired a path for Muslims and made it easy for people to pass through it. Moreover he maintained an orphan. So Allah pardoned him.
One day ‘Isa told Yahya that if people malign you of an evil which you possess, you might consider it and ask him to seek forgiveness and pray for forgiveness. But if he accuses you of an evil which do not possess then it is goodness in your favor which you have earned without toiling.