Some Anecdotes of Hazrat Isa (as)

It is recorded in reliable sources that the holy Prophet said, ‘My brother ‘Isa arrived in a city where a man and his wife were quarrelling and shouting aloud. ‘Isa asked them the reason where upon the man replied that this, my wife, is very virtuous and pious. Yet I do not like her and want to be separated from her. ‘Isa again asked but why? Then man said that her face is faint and not attractive at all even though she is not aged. ‘Isa advised that woman not to eat making her belly full of food as in an overloaded stomach its content boils up and makes one’s face listless. When the lady followed ‘Isa ’s advice she became beautiful enough to attract her husband.
Therefore ‘Isa went to another town where people complained to him that the fruits growing on their trees were getting rotten. ‘Isa guided them that while sowing seeds they should put water first. As they were filling the earth before watering it, it rotted their fruits. When the people acted as directed by ‘Isa their fruits were saved from the rot.
Leaving that township ‘Isa entered another habitation to find that the eyes of its residents were grey and their faces pale. When people inquired about its reason ‘Isa replied that it was because they did not wash the meat before cooking. There always remains some impurity in the meat of any animal, which is cleaned only after it is washed. When the people followed the way shown by ‘Isa their ailment disappeared.
‘Isa reached another place. There he met with many people whose teeth had fallen and faces were swollen. Inquiries were made from ‘Isa who replied that they were sleeping with their teeth pressed hard, which hindered the breathing process and also weakened the roots of the teeth. When people left that habit of sleeping with pressed teeth their troubles too disappeared.