Beware of the company of the sinners

Sulaiman ibn Ja'far al-Ja'fari, said:
I heard Abul Hasan, peace be upon him, saying to my father: "How is that I saw you at Abdul Rahman ibn Yaqoob?" He said: "He is my uncle." So Abul Hasan, peace be upon him said: "He says appalling things about Allah, defining Him, while Allah cannot be described. So, you either sit with him and leave us, or you sit with us and leave him!" My father said: "Shall I not sit with him even if I do not ascribe to what he says?"
Abul Hasan, peace be upon him, said: "Do you not fear that a divine wrath may descend and afflict you all?" Do you not know that there was a companion of Musa and his father was a partisan of Pharoah (Fira'wn). When the horses of Pharoah drew near Musa, peace be upon him, that companion stayed behind to admonish his father.
And Musa saw him and his father engaged in the dispute, till they reached the sea and both were drowned together. When Musa learnt about this, he asked Jibraeel about his companion's destiny. He said: "May Allah have mercy on him, the man drowned and was not in any way associated with the belief of his father. But when the divine wrath descends, it grants no defense to those near the sinners."