‘The believer’s supplication during ease should be similar to that of his during hardship

Ahmed b. Mohammed b. Abū Nasr has narrated: [ I (i.e. Ahmed) said to Abū al-Hasan (i.e. Imām al-Ridā): May I be your ransom, I have asked a need from Allah since so-and-so year, and something have entered my heart because of slowness (in answering it). He, peace be on him, declared:] “O Ahmed, beware of that Satan makes a way against you in order to make you despair (of Allah’s mercy). Abū Ja‘far (i.e. Imām al-Bāqir), the blessings of Allah be upon him, said: ‘The believer asks his need from Allah, the Great and Almighty, but He delays responding to him out of love for his voice and listening to his wailing.’”
 Then he said: “By Allah, what Allah, the Great and Almighty, sets behind the believers in this world is better than what He sets before them therein. What a thing is the world? Abū Ja‘far would say: ‘The believer’s supplication during ease should be similar to that of his during hardship. He should not flag (in supplicating) when he is given. Therefore, be not tired of supplication, for it is of great position with Allah, the Great and Almighty. Adhere to patience, seeking the lawful, and tightening your bonds of kin. Beware of showing open enmity toward men, for we, the members of the House, tighten ties with him who cut us and treat kindly him who mistreats us, hence we, by Allah, see through that the good final result. If the possessor of a favor (strives for gathering) sample funds, then he is not satisfied with anything. When favors become abundant, the Muslim is in danger because of the duties incumbent upon him and the trial through them.’”
“Tell me, if I say some words to you, will you trust them?” asked Imām al-Ridā.
“May I be your ransom, if I do not trust you, then whom shall I trust?” retorted Ahmed, “You are the proof of Allah over His creatures.”
“Therefore, have more confidence in Allah, for you will meet him, replied the Imām, “don’t Allah, the Great and Almighty, say: And when My  servants ask you concerning me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on me don’t He say: do not despair of the mercy of Allah; and don’t He say: and Allah promises you forgiveness from Him and bounty. Therefore, have confidence in Allah more than you have in other than Him. Place nothing in your soul except good, and you will be forgiven.”
The Imām has mentioned the causes which hold back supplication and delay response and, in addition, he has urged (Muslims) to follow the morals of the members of the House (ahl al-Bayt), peace be on them ( Usūl al-Kāfi, vol. 2, p. 489)

Reference :The life of Imām'Ali Bin Mūsā al-Ridā