The Companions of Hazrat Isa (as) -1

it is narrated from Imam as-Sadiq that when Injeel (Bible) was revealed to him and he wished to conclude the argument (hujjah) before the people he sent one of his companions to the king of Room (Byzantine) with a miracle through which he could cure lepers, make the blind see, heal the ill whom doctors had declared incurable. When he reached there and worked these miracles his fame spread far and wide. When the king came to know about it he was brought before the king and asked whether he was able to cure the blind and the leper he replied in the affirmative. The king called a man who was born blind. His eyes had dried up and he had never seen anything. ‘Isa’s companion was asked to cure him.
He prepared two little balls of clay, put them in the place of his eyeballs and prayed to Allah for his eyesight. He began to see at once. Seeing this the king seated him near him, befriended him and told him to stay there and not to go anywhere else. He gave him much respect and honor. Then ‘Isa sent another messenger and taught him the prayer for making the dead alive. When he reached Rome he told the people there that he was better than the physician of their king. Hearing this, the king became very angry and ordered that he should be executed. The first messenger told the king not to make haste in executing him but to call him and examine his claim. If his claim proved false he might be killed, so that the argument might be concluded in his case.
Anyway he was called in the presence of the ruler. He told the king that he could make the dead alive. Around that time the son of that king had died. So the king along with the second Rasul and all of his court men and ministers went to the grave of his son and ordered that he might be brought back to life. The messenger prayed to Allah and the first messenger said ‘Amen’ until the grave cracked open and the prince came out and sat in the lap of the king. The king asked his son as to who made him alive? He pointed toward the two divine messengers. Then both messengers said that they had come from ‘Isa. As you were not listening to any of the earlier messengers of ‘Isa but were executing them we were sent to convey his (‘Isa’s) message to you in this way.”
Hearing this, the king declared his faith in ‘Isa and his shari‘ah (religion).