The Companions of Hazrat Isa (as)

Ibn Babawayh and al-Qutb al-Rawandi have narrated from Imam as-Sadiq that when ‘Isa desired to dispatch his companions he gathered them before him and advised them to pay attention to the weak and not to clash with the kings and the oppressors. He directed two of them to Antioch who reached there on the day of ‘Id (annual celebration). The two saw that the people there had opened their temples (idol houses) and were busy worshipping the idols. When they rebuked them harshly they chained them and threw them in jail. When Shamoun came to know about it he came to Antioch, reached the jail after some efforts and reminded the two messengers that they were advised not to clash with hotheaded and oppressive people. Then he departed from them and continued to meet with the poor people and have little talks with the poor who used to keep such dialogues secret from all except their own who were somewhat strong. After some time this matter came to the knowledge of the king who inquired since when has this man had entered the city. The people told him that he had arrived there since the last two months. The king ordered him to be brought before him.
He was brought to the king who talked with him and became so friendly with him that he asked him to remain in the court all the time before him. One night the king saw a fearful dream and described it to Shamoun. Shamoun gave its interpretation that pleased the king. Thereafter he saw one more distressing dream. Shamoun again gave its interpretation that made the king even happier. Thus he continued to live besides the king and the longer he did so the more respectable he became in his eyes. When he was satisfied that his words completely impressed the king he one day inquired about the two persons jailed by him who according to what he had heard, had found defects in the king’s religion. The king confirmed the matter. Shamoun desired that they be brought before him. When they were brought Shamoun asked them, “Who is the god whom you worship?” They said, “He is the Lord of the worlds.” He asked whether their Allah heard what they said and answered what they prayed. They replied, “Of course our Lord hears whatever we say and accepts our prayers.” Shamoun told them that he wanted to test them and the two agreed.
Shamoun inquired of them as to whether their Allah cold heal a leper if they prayed for his healing? They said, “Yes.” Shamoun called for a leper and asked the two messengers to pray to their Allah for his recovery. The two passed their hands over the ailing man’s body and he became healthy instantly. Shamoun said he too could do the same. Another leper was brought there who too recovered when Shamoun scanned his body with his hand. Thereafter Shamoun told the two that only one thing remained unresolved and if they solved that he would also put faith in their Allah. They said what it was. Shamoun asked them if they could make a dead person alive. They replied, “Yes (by the order of Allah a dead man can also become alive).” Then Shamoun inquired of the king whether he knew any expired person with whom he had any relation? The ruler replied in the affirmative and said his son had died. Shamoun said, Well, let us all go to your dead son’s grave and check the reality of these two gentlemen’s claim, (that possibly they might lose respect). So all of them reached the grave of the dead prince. The two raised their hands in supplication before only one Allah and Shamoun too began to recite a prayer (Dua) silently. Within no time the grave cracked open and the prince came out alive. When the king inquired about his condition he said that he was dead; that of late he experienced some fear and restlessness but “then I saw that three gentlemen were praying to Allah so that I might become alive and that they were these three gentlemen.’ While saying this the prince pointed to Shamoun and the two earlier messengers. Shamoun told the two that he was putting faith in their Allah. The king said that he too believed. His ministers too believed. Then following them the entire habitation of Antioch became Muslims (believer in Truth).