The Consultation in the Battle of Badr

Before the battle of Badr the Prophet consulted His companions
The Prophet stood up and said: "What is your view in the matter? "
Abu Bakr stood up first and said: "The chiefs and warlike men of Quraysh have joined this army. Quraysh have not at all expressed faith in a religion and have not fallen from the zenith of glory to the abyss of degradation. Furthermore, we have not come out of Madina fully prepared".6 (He meant to say that it was not appropriate to fight, and they should return to Madina).
The Prophet said: "Sit down".
Then Umar rose and repeated what Abu Bakr had said. The Prophet asked him also to sit down.
Thereafter Miqdad stood up and said: "O Prophet of Allah! Our hearts are with you and you should act according to the orders given to you by Allah. By Allah! We shall not tell you what Bani Israel told Musa.
When Musa asked them to perform jihad they said to him: 'O Musa! You and your Lord should go and perform jihad and we shall sit here'. We, however, tell you quite the reverse of it and say: Perform jihad under the auspices of the blessings of Allah and we are also with you and shall fight".
The Prophet was very much pleased to hear Miqdad's words and prayed for him.