The excellence of the month of Ramadhan

Abdullah ibn Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib, said that:
The Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, say: "Every year, when the month of Ramadhan enters, the paradise arrays itself ornately and beautifies itself.
So when the first night of that month falls, a gentle wind blows from under the Throne, called al-Mutheerah; and the leaves of the heavenly trees flap and the door shutters clank, to produce a melodious tune, the like of which the hearers have never heard.
And then the houris with beautiful eyes appear, standing on the balcony of the heavenly abode, exclaiming: 'Is there anyone to propose to Allah, so that He may marry him (to the houris)?'Then they say: 'O Ridhwan, what night is this?' He answers them in all readiness and say: 'O good and beautiful ones, this is the first night of the month of Ramadhan. The gates of Paradise have been opened for those who keep the fasts in the Ummah of Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny."
(He said): Then Allah, Most High, will say: "O Ridhwan, open the gates of Paradise. O Malik, shut the gates of hellfire from those who observe the fasts in the Ummah of Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny. O Jibraeel, descend to the earth and put every rebellious Satan into the shackles, fetter them by their necks and throw them into the depth of the seas, so that they may not spoil the fasts of those from the Ummah of My beloved."
He said: And then Allah, Most High, will say three times every night in the month of Ramadhan. "Is there anyone who seeks so that I may bestow? Is there any repentant, so that I may pardon him? Is there anyone seeking forgiveness so that I may forgive him? Who is there to lend a soft loan (alms and charity for the poor) to One Who is Sufficient, Everlasting and One Who is Just and wrongs no one?"
He said: "In the evening of every day of the month of Ramadhan, Allah frees a million souls from hellfire at the time of Iftar. And when the night of Friday and the day of Friday enter, He frees a million souls every hour. Those were the wretched souls who deserved chastisement. And when the month of Ramadhan ends, the number of souls freed on that day equals the total souls released from hellfire by Allah during the whole month.
And when it is night of Qadr, Allah, Most High and Mighty, commands Jibraeel to descend to earth, with a phalanx of angels, carrying a green standard. He fixes it at the rear of al-Ka'bah. And he has six hundred wings, two of which he never spreads except on the night of Qadr. He spreads those two wings on that night, till they go beyond the East and the West. Then Jibraeel disperses the angels in that night, so they greet everyone who is standing, sitting, praying and chanting (remembering Allah). They shake hands with them, and say Amin to their prayers, till the day breaks.
And when the day breaks, Jibraeel, peace be upon him, proclaims: 'O group of angels, it is time to depart.' They say: 'O Jibraeel, how has Allah responded to the supplications of the believers in the Ummah of Muhammad?' Jibraeel says: 'Allah has looked upon them in this night and has forgiven them all except four.' He said that then the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, said: 'These four are: persistent boozers of alcoholic drinks, and the one who has incurred displeasure of his parents, and the one who has severed relations with his consanguinal kith and kin, and the one whose heart is filled with rancour and bitter hatred.'
And when the night of al-Fitr enters, the night which is called the night of rewards, Allah bestows His rewards upon the worshippers, without measure. And when the day of al-Fitr dawns, Allah sends His angels to every part of the earth, so they descend and stand at the opening of every lane, saying: 'O Ummah of Muhammad, proceed towards the Benevolent Sustainer, for He (Alone) gives in abundance and forgives the grievous sins.' So when they advance towards the prayers, Allah, Most High and Mighty, addresses the angels: "O My angels, what is the reward of a hired one when he has completed his task?" They reply: "O our Lord and our Master, the reward is to pay him full for his labour."
He said: Then Allah, Most High and Mighty, would say: "Be My witness, O My angels, that as a reward for their fasts and prayers during the month of Ramadhan, they have earned My Pleasure and Forgiveness." Then He would say: "O My servants, seek from Me whatever you wish, for by My Honour, there is nothing which you will seek for the sake of your hereafter or for this world, but that it will be granted.
And by My Honour, I shall conceal your shameful parts, the way you guarded them for My sake. By My Honour, I shall save you and shall not put you to shame before the people of Eternity. Go, with all your sins forgiven, for you have indeed pleased Me, and I am pleased with you."
He said: The angels will rejoice and express felicitations to each other, for what Allah will bless this Ummah, upon breaking the fast.