The Miracle of Hazrat Isa (as)

It is mentioned in another hadith that Abaan bin Saalab asked the same Imam whether ‘Isa had raised up any dead person who after revival had lived long enough to have children? He said, “Yes! ‘Isa had a friend with whom he had established brotherhood just to please Allah. ‘Isa use to live in his friend’s house whenever he visited him. (By chance) ‘Isa could not meet him for sometime, and when he went to see him he was met at the doorstep of the house by his friend’s mother instead. ‘Isa inquired about his friend. She replied, ‘O Messenger of Allah! He is dead.’ ‘Isa inquired from her whether she would like to see him again. She replied, ‘Surely O Prophet of Allah!’ ‘Isa said, ‘All right, I will come back tomorrow and by the command of Allah bring him back to life for you.’ The next day ‘Isa went back to the house and asked the mother to accompany him to the grave of her deceased son. She took ‘Isa to the grave. ‘Isa stood at the grave and recited a supplication to Allah. The grave opened and the son came out alive. When mother and son saw each other, they wept. ‘Isa felt pity for them and inquired of the son whether he would like to live with his mother? He asked whether it would be with provision, and food and a span of life or without all of it? ‘Isa said it would be with all that. He then told him, ‘You will live with all these things for another twenty years in the world, and that you will get married and beget children.’ The youth replied that he would like to live that way. So ‘Isa entrusted him to his mother. That youth thereafter lived for another twenty year, got married and reared his children.”

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets