The Staff of Hazrat Musa (as)

 A person asked Imam al-Ridha. if Musa married the same girl, who went to Musa and asked him to come to her father Shu‘ayb? Imam said, “Yes, she was the same and after ten years when he wanted to go back to Egypt Shu‘ayb asked him to choose a staff from his collection, for you protection. Shu‘ayb knew about the staff, which Musa selected. Musa brought the same to Shu‘ayb. He recognized it and said to bring another one. He kept it and tried to take another one but that staff moved and he brought it again. Shu‘ayb said, “Did I not tell you to bring to another one?” Musa said, “I kept it aside three times but it comes back to my hand.” Shu‘ayb allowed him to take it because Allah has granted that staff for him.
After that Musa was visited Shu‘ayb every year and served him. When Shu‘ayb ate, Musa stood to serve him.
According to a reliable tradition, Imam Muhammad al-Baqir has stated that, the staff belonged to Adam and from Adam it came in the possession of Shu‘ayb and then to Musa. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir said, “Now it is with us. Whenever I see, it is green and fresh as it was before when it was cut and separated from the tree. If we talk with it, it will talk, and it is kept until al-Qa’im the family of Muhammad will reappear use it as Musa was using. Whenever we want, it comes in motion (as a serpent). It eats when we command it. The lower part of it mouth comes below the ground and the upper part touched to the roof. Its mouth opens forty yards and it swallows up with its tongue whoever is near it.”

the staff of Musa had two branches on the upper side and two curved branches below and the top of staff was strong like steel. When Musa went to the thick forest or desert before sunrise, the branches of staff gave light. When Musa needed water to drink, he cast his staff into the well and water came up. When he needed food, he cast his stick on the ground, and food came out from the ground as usual. When he required fruits, he fixed his stick on the ground. It changed into a fruit tree. When it was needed for a battle against enemies, it changed into big serpents and destroyed his enemies. The forests and mountains moved from his way when he cast his staff on the ground. The water of canals also split and gave him way to pass and from another branch honey overflew. When he was tired of walking, he rode on it and it took him where he wanted to go. It guided him on the way. It attacked his enemies. It spread a sweet fragrance. When it was cast on the ground it became a black serpent with four legs. It’s branches turned into two large mouths with many teeth, twelve fangs and a terribly loud hiss emanated from its mouth. It emitted flames from its mouth. Its wings were shining like stars. Its eyes shone like stars. It exhaled hot air. When it reached to a stone as big as a camel, it swallowed it. Its stomach sounded like stones and removed huge trees from the roots.