The Tyrant king and the Believer

t is mentioned in a reliable tradition from Imam as-Sadiq that there was a tyrant king in the times of Musa. At the same time, there was a pious man. He went to the king for fulfilling a need of a faithful man and recommended his case to the king. The king accepted his recommendation and fulfilled the need of that faithful man. That king and the believer died on the same day. People mourned the death of the king for three days and kept their bazaars closed but the corpse of that mo-min remained in his house unattended until the worms began to feed on it. After three days Musa saw it and prayed to Allah, “My Lord! That king was Your enemy yet people gave him a respectful burial while this mo-min is lying in this condition.” The Lord sent a revelation to him, “A friend of mine once recommended the case of one of my faithful slaves to the king and the latter fulfilled that need. So I gave honor to the king in this way. But I made the earth’s insects overpower that man because he made a request before a tyrant king.”

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets