“These bricks will kill people,”

It is recorded in another tradition that one day ‘Isa went to a village for some work along with three of his companions. They found three gold bricks in their path. ‘Isa said, “These bricks will kill people,” and went past them. After going, some steps further one of his companions asked for his permission to go back for some work. He allowed him. He went. Likewise, the other two also went away taking his permission. They gathered those gold bricks. Two of them asked the third one to go to the bazaar and fetch something to eat, telling him that they would await him at that place.
The third one went to the market and mixed poison with the food, imagining that the others would die after eating it and he might become the owner of the gold bricks. On the other hand, the two joined in conspiracy against the third one and planned to kill him and then divide the gold only between them. Finally when the man returned the two together killed him and then ate the food with ease, only to die soon thereafter. When ‘Isa returned from his work he saw all three lying dead near the gold bricks. He brought them back to life saying ‘Get up with the permission of Allah.’ He then asked them whether he had not told them in advance that those bricks would kill many!