Imam Kazim (as) and the Black Slave

Imam Musa along with his servants and some of his children left Yethrib (Medina) for his estates at Saya; before reaching them, they had a rest in one of the neighboring places. It was very cold. While they were sitting, an eloquent black servant came out to them. The black servant was carrying on his head a boiling pot. He stopped in front of the Imam's servants and asked them:
- Where is your master?
- There he is. They indicated with their hands to Abu al-Hasan (Imam Musa).
- What is his Kunya?
- Abu al-Hasan.
He stopped in front of him, begging him and saying:
- My master, I want to gift this porridge to you!
The Imam, peace be on him, accepted his gift and ordered him to give it to the servants. He gave it to them and went away. It was only a short time before he came back carrying a bundle of wood. He stopped in front of the Imam and said to him:
- My master, I want to gift this bundle of wood to you!
The Imam, peace be on him, accepted his gift and ordered him to fetch him a firebrand. He went for a short time and then came back carrying a firebrand. The Imam order his name and his master's one to be written. He ordered a son of his to keep their names for the time of need. Then they went to their estates. They remained there for some days and then they headed for the Sacred House of Allah (Mecca). The Imam, peace be on him, performed Omra therein. Having finished it, he ordered Saa'id to look for the black servant's master. He said to him: "When you come to know of his place, then inform me of it, that I may walk to him, for I hate to send for him while I am in need of him."
Saa'id went and looked for the man till he found him. He recognized him and understood that he was among those who believed in the Imamate. He greeted the man and he asked about the arrival of the Imam. Saa'id denied that. Then the man asked Saa'id about the reason for his coming. He told him that he had traveled for some needs. The man was not satisfied with his answer. He thought that the Imam had come to Mecca. Saa'id said good-bye to him and returned to the Imam. The man followed him. Saa'id turned and saw the man walking behind him. He wanted to leave him but he could not. They both walked until they reached the Imam. When they stopped in front of him, he, peace be on him, rebuked Saa'id for telling the man of his coming. Saa'id apologized to the Imam for that he had not told the man, and that it was he who willingly followed him. When the man sat down, the Imam turned to him and asked him:
- Do you sell your servant so-and-so?
- May I be your ransom, the servant, the estate, and all my possessions are yours!
- As for the estate, I do not want to deprive you of it.
The man tried to convince the Imam to accept the estate, but he refused to accept it. Then the Imam bought the estate and the servant for a thousand dinars. Then he released the slave and gifted the estate to the man. He did that as kindness for kindness and good for good. Thanks to Imam Musa, Allah enriched the slave to the extent that his children became among the rich and the money changers in Mecca. ( Al-Bidaya wa al-Nihaya, vol. 10, p. 183 )