Imam Kazim (as) - Piety

Imam Musa was on top of those who renounced the world and turned away from its ease and vanities. He headed for Allah and desired the comfort and dignity He has prepared for him in the Abode of Everlastingness. Ibraheem b. 'Abd al-Hameed has related to us about his great asceticism, saying: "I visited him in his house where he used to pray. I saw nothing in the house except a basket, a hung sword, and a copy of the Qur'an. He led a simple life and lived in a simple house that was void of even the furniture the poor had; this indicates that he renounced the world and turned away from it. It is worth mentioning that enormous funds were collected for him, legal rights send to him by the Shi'ites in the Islamic world. Besides he owned al-Basariya and other lands that yield him important funds, but he generously spent all those funds on the miserable and the deprived for Allah's sake and beseeching his good pleasure. He, peace be on him, always recited to his companions Abu Dharr's behavior, the great companion of the Prophet, and the model for self-negation, renouncing the world, and turning away from its pleasure. He, peace be on him, said: "May Allah have mercy on Abu Dharr, who said: 'May Allah dispraise the world on my behalf after two barely loaves of bread. I eat one at lunch and the other at dinner, and after the two woolen cloaks; I use one as a loincloth and the other as a garment.'" ( Usool al-Kafi, vol. 2, p. 134. )