Muhammed al-Bakri

Some people in Yethrib (Medina) were in debt to Muhammed al-Bakri, so he went to them to ask them to repay the debts; he asked them for the repayment of the debts and insisted on that for a long time, but he took nothing of his debts. It came to his mind that he had to go to Imam Musa to have the honor of meeting him and to complain to him of need and poverty. He went to him and he had been in one of his estates at Niqma. When he reached the place of the Imam, the Imam came out (to receive him); with the Imam was a servant carrying a basket in which there was some chopped-up meat. They all ate some of the meat. Then the Imam asked him what he wanted. So he told him his story. The Imam, peace be on him, arose and entered the house. Then he came out and ordered his servant to go away lest he should see the asker and he felt abasement. He gave him a purse in which was three hundred dinars-perhaps it was more than his debts. Muhammed took it, thanked the mam for it, invoked Allah for him, and went away. ( Tarikh Baghdad, vol. 13, p. 28)