My master, are you pleased with that?

Among those whom the Imam, peace be on him, helped was a Persian person against whom were enormous funds for the government of al-Ray (Persia) and he was unable to repay them and he feared that he would be deprived of his possessions. He reflected for a long time on what he would do. He asked the people about the governor of al-Ray, and they told him that he was a Shi'ite; so he intended to seek the help of Imam Musa. He traveled to Yethrib (Medina). When he reached it, he had the honor of meeting the Imam. He complained to him of his critical condition. The Imam supplied him with a letter to the governor of al-Ray. The letter reads as follows:
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Know that there is a shade under the throne of Allah; none resides in the shade except him who does his brother a favor or dispels his worries or delight him. This is your brother.
The man took the letter and went away. After he had performed the hajj, he went to his homeland. When he arrived in it, he went to the governor at night. He knocked on the door of his house, and his servant came out and asked him:
- Who are you?
- The messenger of Musa, the steadfast.
The servant hurried to his master and told him of that, and he came out bare-footed. He received him, embraced him, and kissed him on the forehead. He repeated that many times and with yearning asked him about the Imam. The (Persian) person handed the letter to the government, and he arose for the letter and kissed it. When he read it, he ordered his servant to bring his money and his clothes. He gave to the person a half of them and said to him:
- Brother, are you pleased?
- Yes, by Allah, and you have increased that!
Then the governor called for the record and ordered his debts to be canceled and freed him from them. The man went out while his heart was full of happiness and delight. He intended to reward the governor for his kindness and favor. He decided to go to the Sacred House of Allah (Mecca), to invoke Allah for him, and to tell the Imam about his kindness and favor. When the season of the hajj came, he went to Mecca. Then he headed for Yethrib. He met the Imam and told him about the kindness and favor of the governor, and he, peace be on him, was very pleased with that. The man asked the Imam:
- My master, are you pleased with that?
- Yes, by Allah, it has delighted me. By Allah, it has delighted Allah, the Most High, my grandfather, Allah's Apostle, may Allah bless him and his family, and the Commander of the faithful (Imam 'Ali).