"To Musa b. Ja'far," she replied, "for my son has been imprisoned."

Most Muslims believe that Allah removes affliction and harm through resorting to the shrine of the Imam, peace be on him. Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi reported a story on the authority of an eye-witness who saw a woman who lost her mind and was very worried because she was told that her son had committed a crime. The local authority had arrested and imprisoned him; the woman began running toward the shrine of Imam Musa seeking refuge with it; a rogue who did not believe in the Imam asked her: "Where to?"
"To Musa b. Ja'far," she replied, "for my son has been imprisoned."
"Surely, he has died in prison," explained the rogue sneeringly.
His words hurt the woman and she said with pain: "O Allah, show me your power by him who has been killed in prison!"
Allah responded to her prayer- her son was released and the mocker's son was imprisoned due to the crime ascribed to the former.[59] In this manner, Allah wanted to show her His power and to show to that person the dignity of the Imam with Allah. I (the author) personally was afflicted by one of the ordeals of the world and was about to fold my life, so I hurried to the shrine of Imam Musa, peace be on him, with a good intention, so Allah relived me and removed what had afflicted me. No one has doubt about this aspect by which the Imam has been marked except those who have doubt about their religion and Islam.