Hesham Debates with al-Nazzam

Al-Nazzam maintained that the inhabitants of the Garden would be not immortal in it, and that they would certainly die. He met with Hisham and said to him:
-Surely the inhabitants of the Garden will not stay in it forever. For they will stay just as Allah does. It is impossible for them to be so.
Hisham gave him a decisive argument, saying:
-The inhabitants of the Garden will survive through the One Who makes them stay alive, and Allah survives through none makes Him remain alive.
Al-Nazzam insisted on his thought, saying:
-It is impossible for them to stay forever
Hisham: Into what will they turn?
Al-Nazzam: Sluggishness will befall them.
Hisham: Have you heard that there is in the Garden what souls yearn?
Al-Nazzam: Yes.
So if they yearn and ask their Lord to (let them) stay forever?
Al-Nazzam: Surely Allah will not inspire them.
Hisham: If a man from among the inhabitants of the Garden stretched out his hand to a fruit on a tree to take it, and the tree hanged down to him, then he happened to turn around and looked at another fruit of it and stretched out his hand to take it, but sluggishness befell him; and his hands fastened to two trees; and the two trees raised high, and he was crucified. Have you heard that someone is crucified in the Garden?
Al-Nazzam: This is impossible.
Hisham: What you have said is more impossible than it, i.e., people were created, were caused to enter the Garden, and die therein.
Al-Nazzam went away deserted; he had no proof of that in which he believed.( Al-Keshi, Rijal, pp. 165-184.)