Imam Kazim (as) and the Slave girl of Harun

Harun chose a very beautiful slave girl. He ordered one of his special associate to send the slave girl to the Imam, peace be on him. He thought that the Imam would be fascinated by her. When she reached him, he, peace be on him, said to the messenger of Harun: “Rather, you are happy with your gift! I am in no need of this (slave girl) and the likes of her!”
So the messenger took the slave girl and returned to Harun. He informed him of the words of the Imam, so he boiled with anger and said to him: “Go back to him and say to him: ‘We have imprisoned you not according to your consent; and we have served you not according to your consent.’ Leave the slave girl with him and go away.”
That person informed the Imam of Harun’s statement. He left the slave girl with him and returned to Harun. Harun sent a servant of his to the prison, that he might watch the slave girl. When he reached her, he found her prostrating herself in prayer for her Lord. She did not raise her head and said during her prostration: “Most Holy! Most Holy!”
So the servant went to Harun quickly and told him about her condition. Harun said: “By Allah, Musa b. Ja‘far has bewitched her! Bring her to me!”
She was brought to him. She was shaking all over and looking towards the heaven. She was remembering and glorifying Allah. So Harun asked her:
-What is the matter with you?
-My matter is wonderful! I was standing and he was standing and performing prayers by day and night. After he had finished his prayers, I asked him: “Have you any need to give it to you?”
-So the Imam said: What is my need with you?
-I have been brought to you to grant your needs.
The Imam said: “What are those?” He indicated with his hand to a direction. I turned. Suddenly I saw a garden full of flowers. I could not reached its end from its beginning with my eye, nor could I reached its beginning from its end. In it there were sitting places furnished with embroideries and silk. There were male and female servants. I have never seen the like of their faces in beauty, nor have I seen the like of their clothes. They were wearing green silk, crowns, pearls, and corundum. In their hands were ewers, handkerchiefs, and all kinds of food. So I prostrated myself in prayer and continued so until this servant made me rise. I saw myself where I was.
Harun harbored malice against her, so he said to her:
-O Wicked! Perhaps you had slept and dreamt of that!
-No, by Allah, my master, I had seen that before I prostrated myself in prayer. So I prostrated myself in prayer for that.
As a result al-Rashid turned to his servant and ordered him to arrest the slave girl and to conceal the event lest the people should hear of it. So the servant took her and detained her in his house. However, she devoted herself to the acts of worship and prayer. When she was asked about that, she said: “In this manner I saw the righteous servant. She added: “When I saw what I saw, the servants called me: ‘O so-and-so, go far away from the righteous servant, that we may come in to him. That is because we want to serve him.” She dedicated herself to the acts of worship until she died. (  Al-Menaqib, vol. , pp. 263-264.)