Imam Musa (as) helps Ali Ibn Yaqteen

Ali b. Yaqteen performed the Wudu’ of the Sunnis. He asked the Imam to guide him to the wudu’ he performed, but he ordered him to continue performing his wudu’ for a time when he would guide him to that. The followers informed al-Rashid of ‘Ali and said many times that he was a Shi‘ite. Any way, al-Rashid decided to try him through his wudu’. At the time of the ritual prayer, he stood in one of the balconies of his palace and looked at ‘Ali; he saw him performing the wudu’ of the Sunnis; soon al-Rashid became impatient and said: “I will never believe an informer against you!”
After that, the Imam wrote to him how to perform the wudu’. He mentioned to him that of what he feared for him had disappeared. A poet has composed a poem concerning this miracle, saying:
Then the state of the wudu’ is wonderful! How did he inform and tell him through the conscience?
He is the eye of life; he is salvation and guidance to him who acknowledges (his Imamate) and ponders over (it)![1]
Another poet has written a poem on that, saying:
Were it not for Him (Musa), (‘Ali) b. Yaqteen would not leave his previous way, which is well-known.
At a time when al-Rashid was in a lookout watching him during his affair (to know) how he (‘Ali) performed (his wudu’).
He saw something (issued) from him other than that of which he had been informed; and denied what the informers said.