. ‘Isa Bin ‘Abd Allah Bin Sa‘d Bin Malik al-Ash‘ari

He reported traditions on the authority of Abi ‘Abd Allah (al-Sadiq) and Abi al-Hasan Musa; he has Questions put forth before al-Rida, peace be on him.[4] Concerning him, Yunus b. Ya‘qub has narrated, saying: “I was in Medina; Ja‘far b. Muhammed (al-Sadiq) received me in one of its lanes. He said: ‘Yunus, go! There is by the door a man belongs to us, Ahl al-Bayt.’ When I went and reached the door, I found ‘Isa b. ‘Abd Allah al-Qummi sitting (there). I asked him:”
-Who are you?
- A man from Qum
Shortly after that the Imam came and asked them to come into the house. When they sat down, the Imam, peace be on him, turned to Yunus and asked him: I think that you have denied my words when I said that ‘Isa b. ‘Abd Allah belonged to us, Ahl al-Bayt?
-Yes, by Allah, he is a man from among the people of Qum.
-Yunus, ‘Isa b. ‘Abd Allah belongs to us whether he is dead or alive.[1]
This narration indicates that ‘Isa b. ‘Abd Allah is just and reliable, and that he devoted himself to Ahl al-Bayt, peace be on them.